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Culturally Responsive

Building pilina, connection to Hawai`i through `ike ku`una, through fpundational Hawaiian knowledge.  Queen Lili`uokalani stood `oni'pa`a, steadfast in her aloha for her people, always putting their lives--protecting her people, putting their health and well being at the forefront for the positions that she took.  From her inspiration, our team, Kūpa`a Collective, and this curriculum was born.  We honor and dedicate our work in perpetuating all that she stands for from then and into perpetuity.  E ola mau.

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The eight lessons in this curriculum begins in the past and connects to the present. We hope they provide ways to bring ancestral wisdom and experiences to guide decisions in the present that preserve and protect Hawaii’s peoples, particularly its vulnerable and treasured kūpuna.

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