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Please read all available options before selecting a path.  You may select more than 1 option to fulfill your educational needs.

Options for Using the Modules

Option 1: 

Download the modules

Downloading the PAAC modules provides you a personal google slides copy of  the module.  This allows you to modify the slides to create a personal “fit”--either add additional content, or delete the slides that you don’t need.   Unfamiliar with google slides, here is a tutorial video link for extra support.  Choose all 4 modules to download, or select the modules that you are interested in downloading.  Any feedback about how you will use the module is greatly appreciated

Option 2:

View and use the modules from the slideplayer

Our google slideplayer feature allows you to view and use the module "as is."   From this player you can project the slides while using a laptop/chromebook together with a projector, like an ELMO.   Or for those educators who are in distancing learning, use the sharescreen feature to display the module.

Option 3:  

Access the student “hook” lessons for modules 1 & 3

Increase student engagement in these modules, by downloading the student “Hook” Lessons that were created for students to use together with the modules.  These activities allow students to have voice and choice in the selection of their mini inquiry projects that will build deeper understanding around the module’s focus.  While students engage in the activity, they gain valuable insights that will help them to understand the module itself on a deeper level.

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